Monday, February 4, 2013

Roundup of the Week's Invasive Species News Stories - Feb 1, 2013

We are continuing with our semi-regular series here on the ISAM Newsblog to highlight some recent news stories around the nation about invasive species.

Beware invasive species - know the plants you order
Salisbury Post
Seed catalogs bring a promise of amazing things. Just be sure the plants are not invasive in N.C. Surely one of the joys of January is the arrival of those colorful catalogs offering seeds and plants...

Rafting Across the Pacific: Invasive Species Coming to North America with Debris from the Japanese Tsunami
Decoded Science
Of course, there's already a lot of debris floating around the ocean, possibly even carrying invasive species: seaweed, algae, and other small marine species. NOAA's Marine Debris Monitoring Program was set up to track this debris...

Survival Odds Grim for Native Plants Fighting Invaders
Our Amazing Planet
Invasive species are winning in the battle for survival against some native plants in a California reserve, according to a new study. The research has troubling implications for plant hardiness, the scientists studying the plants said.

Invasive Species The US Gave The World, Including Lobsters, Raccoons And Bullfrogs
Huffington Post
Undoubtedly, the United States exports some of the world's most in-demand products—aircraft and medical equipment, to name just two. But not everything that leaves American shores is a wanted commodity, especially when it has jumped—or crawled—ship.

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