Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stiltgrass Summit presentation recordings available online

All of the presentations and panel discussions from the 2010 Stiltgrass Summit are now available online at www.rtrcwma.org/stiltgrass. The Summit had a great series of presentations, ranging from ecology and spread to control and management of Japanese stiltgrass. They are definitely worth reviewing if you manage this plant.

Microstegium vimineum: George Ainslie’s Discovery and What It Means to Us
Les Mehrhoff – UCONN and IPANE

No Silver Bullet: Setting the Stage for the Stiltgrass Symposium
Chris Evans, River to River CWMA

Strategic, Cooperative, and Coordinated Management of Japanese Stiltgrass
Mike Ielmini, USDA Forest Service

Predictive Spatial Model of Japanese Stiltgrass Spread
Angie Shelton, Indiana University

Establishment, Spread, and Seed Viability of Microstegium vimineum in Eastern Forests
Cynthia Huebner, USDA Forest Service

Long-term dynamics and impacts of Microstegium invasion in the Piedmont of New Jersey
Scott Meiners, Eastern Illinois University

Niche limitations of a vigorous exotic invader, Microstegium vimineum, across temperate forest ecotones
Robert Warren, Yale University

Understanding the ecosystem-level effects of stiltgrass: does it set the stage for its own success?
Justin Wright, Duke University

Nitrogen dynamics in a forest understory following invasion by Microstegium vimineum
Jennifer Fraterrigo, University of Illinois

Positive feedbacks on M. vimineum growth through alteration of nitrogen cycling
Marissa Lee, Duke University

Impacts and management of Microstegium vimineum invasions
Luke Flory, Indiana University

Keeping the wolves at bay: Techniques used to slow the spread of Microstegium and other small-seeded invasive plants
Chris Evans, River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area

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