Thursday, January 17, 2013

Roundup of Invasive Species News Stories - Jan 17, 2013

We are starting a semi-regular series here on the ISAM Newsblog to highlight some recent news stories around the nation about invasive species.  

Expert panel explores Great Lakes Invasive Species 
-- Great Lakes Echo
Detroit Public TV and The Nature Conservancy on Wednesday hosted a seminar on Invasive Species in the Great Lakes for Great Lakes Now. The first panel discussion featuring experts explaining invasive species, how they arrived and their impact is below.

Report invasive species on your smartphone
-- Great Lakes Echo
Smartphone owners can report invasive species sightings using an application by the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network. Users can then see real-time maps of a given species' distribution based on the data reported by other users.

Great Invaders: What Makes a Plant Invasive 
-- Decoded Science
Uh oh, there it is again. It's that sneaky plant wriggling its way into the garden. While a 'weed' is really just a plant that you don't want in the garden, an invasive species is more than a weed. 

Winter time means it is a good time to control invasive species in the woods
-- Farm and Dairy
However, as you look out the window praying for that so-called “global warming” to kick in, you think, “This is a great time to take control of those invasive species in my woods.”

Tropical fish in South Dakota highlights threat posed by exotic species
-- Activist Angler
What resource managers long have feared would happen because of irresponsible fish hobbyists has become reality: An exotic species has established itself in a waterway far north of where it should be able to survive.

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