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Illinois Regulated Plant Species

Illinois has several laws that regulate the sale, purchase, planting, and transport of plant species.  Below is a composite list of all of the regulated species in Illinois (with the exception of species listed on the Illinois seed law, which only regulates seeds and seed mixtures)

List of Regulated Species in Illinois
E = Exotic Weed Species (Illinois Exotic Weed Act (525 ILCS 10/))

Common ragweed*                        Ambrosia artemisiifolia, N
Giant ragweed*                               Ambrosia trifida, N
          * Ragweeds are only regulated within the corporate limits of cities, villages, and incorporated towns;
Mosquito fern                                 Azolla pinnata, I
Flowering rush                               Butomus umbellatus, I
Marijuana                                         Cannabis sativa, N
Musk thistle                                     Carduus nutans, N
Mediterranean killer algae         Caulerpa taxifolia, I
Canada thistle                                  Cirsium arvense, N
Brazilian elodea                              Egeria densa (syn. Elodea densa), I
Anchored water hyacinth          Eichhornia azurea, I
Glossy buckthorn                           Frangula alnus, E
Hydrilla                                              Hydrilla verticillata, I
European frogbit                            Hydrocharis morsus-ranae, I
Miramar weed                                 Hygrophilia polysperma, I
Chinese waterspinach                  Ipomoea aquatica, I
Yellow flag iris                                Iris pseudacorus, I
Oxygen weed                                   Lagarosiphon major, I
Asian marshweed/ambulia       Limnophila sessiliflora, I
Japanese honeysuckle                 Lonicera japonica, E
Purple loosestrife                          Lythrum salicaria, E
Arrowleaf                                         Monochoria hastata, I
Heartshape pickerelweed          Monochoria vaginalis, I
Parrot feather                                 Myriophyllum aquaticum, I
Eurasian watermilfoil                  Myriophyllum spicatum, I
Brittle naiad                                      Najas minor, I
Yellow floating heart                    Nymphoides peltata, I
Duck lettuce                                     Ottelia alismoides, I
Curlyleaf pondweed                      Potamogeton crispus, I
Kudzu                                                   Pueraria montana, E,N
Saw‑toothed buckthorn               Rhamnus arguta, E
Common buckthorn                       Rhamnus cathartica, E
Dahurian buckthorn                      Rhamnus davurica, E
Japanese buckthorn                       Rhamnus japonica, E
Chinese buckthorn                         Rhamnus utilis, E
Multiflora rose                                 Rosa multiflora, E
Arrowhead                                         Sagittaria sagittifolia, I
Giant salvinia                                     Salvinia auriculata, I
Giant salvinia                                     Salvinia biloba, I
Giant salvinia                                    Salvinia herzogii, I
Giant salvinia                                    Salvinia molesta, I
Perennial sowthistle                      Sonchus arvensis, N
Sorghum*                                           Sorghum almum, N
*  includes other Johnsongrass X sorghum crosses with rhizomes
Johnsongrass                                    Sorghum halepense, N
Exotic bur-reed                                Sparganium erectum, I

Water chestnut                                Trapa natans, I

In addition, the Illinois Invasive Plant Species Council has assessed and is formally recommending the following plants for regulation (they are not yet regulated species):

Oriental bittersweet                     Celastrus orbiculatus
Poison hemlock                             Conium maculatum
Exotic olives                                    Elaeagnus umbellata, E. pungens, E. angustifolia
Giant hogweed                                Heracleum mantegazzianum
Exotic bush honeysuckles         Lonicera maackii, L. tatarica, L. morrowii, L. fragrantissima
Lesser celandine                            Ranunculus ficaria (syn. Ficaria verna)
Salt cedar                                          Tamarix sp.

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