Friday, May 31, 2013

The impact of water quality on herbicide performance

See full article, published in the Public Works Magazine HERE.

The impact of water quality on herbicide performance: The better the water quality in a spray tank, the better herbicides will perform
By Debbie Coakley 
Public Works Magazine - 
Original Publication date: May 22, 2013

 Water, water everywhere — but know what's in it to be sure it's suitable for herbicide applications. By testing the water you're mixing in your spray tanks and knowing how to solve water quality problems, you can help ensure products perform as promised and deliver the expected results.
"Water usually comprises 95 percent or more of the spray solution," says Norm Wagoner, business development specialist for Agrilead Inc., based in Alleman, Iowa. "The quality of the water used for spraying — whether from a pond or a spigot in town — can affect how herbicides perform. Just because the water looks good doesn't mean its quality is suitable for your application."...

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