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The Hunt for Invasive Species Slogans - 3rd Edition - Alliteration

We are developing a series of posts to highlight some of the more memorable and fun slogans on invasive species that you can find on publications, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.  This series on invasive species slogans will include occasional posts covering different aspects of the topic.  These slogans seem to fit into three broad categories: Play-off, Alliteration, and Rhyming.  The first two posts dealt with Play-off and Rhyming slogans.  Here in this third post, I am going to concentrate on Alliteration.
If you know of some slogans that haven’t yet been posted in this series, please send them to rivertoriver@gmail.com.

*UPDATE:  The fourth post on this series, on Mascots, is now available HERE.

 For those of you unfamiliar with this term, I will cite the good folks over at Merriam-Webster.com:  "Alliteration - The repetition of usually  consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables".  Long a staple in sermons and graduation speeches, alliteration has made its way into conservation. 
In interest of full disclosure here, when I originally conceived of the idea to do a series of posts around slogans I came across three really good examples of alliteration so I naturally thought these types of slogans would be very abundant and before long I would have a ton of them.  This has proven not to be the case so I am taking a very liberal interpretation of the term here.

"Weeds Won't Wait"
Just one example of this famous phrase
The most famous alliteration directed towards invasive species.  If you've been working with invasive species in the United States for a while you probably instantly think of Randy Westbrooks championing Early Detection and Rapid Response when you hear this phrase.  Sometimes 'Don't Hesitate' is added in to this phrase to mix things up and add some rhyming.  Of all of the invasive species slogans out there, this one has to rank near the top.

"Fend Off Flying Fish"
h/t Kim Bogenschutz

Alliteration and personal safety!

This slogan comes to us from the Illinois/Indiana Sea Grant and is used in their Asian Carp awareness efforts.  This one is a bit unique in the invasive species world because it doesn't encourage the readers to actually work towards controlling this invasive species or even stop the spread.  Nor does it highlight the ecological damage resulting from infestation.  Instead, this slogan simply promotes taking steps to not get clobbered by a huge fish soaring through the air.  If you've ever driven a boat on a river in Illinois, you know this is an important point to get across.

"Zap the Zebra"
h/t Kim Bogenschutz
An electrifying slogan

No, this isn't a slogan to encourage you to taze an African mammal.  This double Z phrase comes to us from the 100th Meridian Initiative and is talking about the highly invasive Zebra Mussel.  If you are not familiar with this effort, it is one of the best examples of agenices and organizations working together on multiple levels (even international, thanks Canada!) towards meeting a common goal.  Back to the slogan, I like the way they turned the Zs into lightning bolts.  The only thing missing is a cartoon illustration of a zebra mussel getting shocked.

"Look Before You Leave"
Good advice from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council
Here is where we stray a bit from the 'traditional' definition of alliteration.  Yes, I know that this statement is a play-off of "Look before you leap" but I hadn't found this ad yet when I wrote that post.  The two main words both start with the same letter, so that is close enough to alliteration for me!  Our friends from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council placed this ad out highlighting the need to stop spreading invasive plants.  An excellent ad that is relevant to many different recreationists.  After taking a look at this ad, several thoughts came to mind: 1.  Those Canadians must be serious outdoor enthusiasts, look at all that gear!, 2.  How are they going to get that ATV loaded up in the truck with that pile of firewood in the way?, and 3. I need to plan my next vacation to go to Ontario!

"Buy It Where You Burn It"
Just one of the many ads that use this slogan.
Another one of the most well-known invasive species slogans.  Emerald Ash Borer really changed the way America approaches firewood and tree disposal.  This one is used by a lot of different groups, but Dontmovefirewood.org and emeraldashborer.info are likely the two best known groups that champion responsible firewood use.  It's amazing to me that 10 years ago nobody really thought about firewood as a threat but now pretty much anybody that camps can tell you why you need to buy it where you burn it.  To me, this is one of the greatest examples of a successful awareness campaign for conservation, right up there with the crying Indian speaking out against pollution.

"Spread the Word not the Weed"
h/t Kate Howe

www.mipn.org - I couldn't actually find a picture of this slogan
on MIPN's website, but I know they use it!
The last of our quasi-alliterative statements.  This slogan simultaneously promotes raising awareness and spread prevention.  A lot of beneift from a short statement!  If you attend a Midwest Invasive Plant Network conference, then you may see people running around in baby blue t-shirts with this slogan on their back.  If you do see them, be sure to compliment them on the creative slogan!

Miscellaneous Slogans

OK, now we are departing from Alliteration completely just to throw in some extra slogans that either have just been discovered or didn't really fit into any of the categories previously written about.

"Don't Move Firewood, It BUGS me"

I am definitely bugged when I see someone moving firewood!

I've only got one bumper sticker on my truck and this is it!  Like the 'Buy it where you burn it' slogan above, this one comes from www.emeraldashborer.info.  These white, magnetic bumper stickers seem to be everywhere and for a good reason. This slogan was intentionally designed to be thought provoking.  "Why would moving firewood bug someone?"  Since I've had that bumper sticker on my truck I've gotten that very question many times.  But this slogan is not restricted to bumper stickers!  It is also used on matchbooks!

A tool both for learning about invasive insects
and to start burning that unmoved firewood

"'Thistle' Ruin Your Day"

This slogan will not ruin your day!

A clever play-off slogan.  This example comes from California Invasive Species Awareness Week (California only as an Awareness WEEK?, here in Illinois we have a whole MONTH!).  This slogan get the point across while hilighting a group of serious invaders.  Well done!

This three-part series on invasive species slogans has been a ton of fun to write.  I really appreciate everyone that sent in slogans.  If your slogan or logo was not yet used, then fear not, this won't be the last of these posts.  I am already planning the next one, focused on invasive species mascots or drawings, so if you know of any graphic-based representations of invasive species or come across any more great slogans, be sure to send them to rivertoriver@gmail.com.  Also, be sure to read the rest of this series and follow the Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month news blog at www.facebook.com/illinoisISAM.

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